One Man's Road from Alabama to Dallas, 1954-1963

Touched By Fire




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In 1954 Johnnie Frank Griffin witnessed the violent death of Attorney General-elect Albert Patterson, of Alabama. Six months later he told a grand jury what he knew. The next day he was stabbed. Though his wounds seemed slight, that night he died in a hospital built from the profits of crime. Nine years later, less than an hour after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Johnnie Frank’s son, Frank Griffin, saw Lee Harvey Oswald fleeing the scene of the murder of a Dallas police officer.

Between these two events Frank grew up in one of the strangest decades in American history. His story touches that of one of the era’s best known governors, John Patterson of Alabama. It intersects with mob bosses and CIA operations. There's even room for country music and barroom brawls. This story shows how Frank Griffin's life was truly Touched By Fire.

Frank Griffin
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